We are Musical Creatives in the Audio field of the Advertising industry.


We deliver consistent, high quality, Original Music and Sound Design to directors, producers and agencies all over the UK.

On Brief, On Budget & On Schedule


This section shows some of the most recent work We've done. In all cases the music is original and written to brief. Here at SF Media Music, we pride ourselves on being nice people to work with, and we'll always go the extra mile to ensure the finished product is as good as it can be.


We are a music company set up by acclaimed musician and composer Steve Fairclough.

We offer original music for the film and television industries.

Our Creative services are used by cutting edge production teams, directors and producers who are seeking the best sounds for their productions. We can design your Sound to create the perfect atmosphere to compliment and enhance your product.

The sound that we offer is exclusive and original for each production. We are equally at home with sound design for radio productions or sonic idents, music for television and sound effects & recordings for games.

We have the facilities and creativity to produce a stunning sound, tailor made for your production.

From a fully produced orchestral film score for your latest feature through animation shorts or a jingle for your website, we will deliver unique, high quality, original music, especially composed for your project: exactly to your specifications.

Audio reel

Here at Steve Fairclough Media Music we use a wide variety of musical sources from traditional instruments like Mandolins and Vihuelas through to the very latest Softsynths and Samplers, and we have great relationships with first rate session singers and musicians.

Because of our involvement in the British Music Industry, and our association with the Scan 3XS project, we are constantly abreast and on top of new technologies.

We understand about merging sound with picture. Our creative skills are applied to every area of the media we service - film, television, multimedia, corporate video and radio, or creating and recording commissioned music and effects.

We believe that composing music to well crafted pictures can give a production a strength and vitality that simply sourcing off-the-shelf music can never achieve.

Your work is original, shouldn't the music be original too?

Honestly, its simple......

If you commission an original piece of music, you're in control. We'll work with you to get the music crafted to absolute perfection. If you dont feel comfortable briefing us in musical terms, just play us an example of the sort of thing you're after. Then we'll take the ball and run with it.

And because it's an original composition licensed exclusively to you, there's no danger of other companies using the same track.

So Why use Original Music ?

Because Original Music solves 2 basic problems:

1) The "its almost right " problem. You find something in a music library that suits your production, but it's too fast, or has a prominent instrument that distracts from the voiceover, etc.

2) The "fresh" problem. The chance that your audience recently heard that same library music associated with another product or presentation.

Your work is original, shouldn't the music be original too?


Steve Fairclough spent most of the 90's as the International Demonstrator for Takamine & Parker Guitars and KORG keyboards.

He toured throughout Europe and America playing at all the major Music Industry Shows, and built a reputation as a consummate musician and composer.

His demonstration tracks were featured by leading Sound Magazines in England and America, and he was involved with the voicing of the early "Toneworks" range of Effects from KORG.

He was a contributor to both Guitarist and Total Guitar magazines.

He stopped touring in 2000 after a final concert at the "Muriel Andersons All Star Guitar Nite" in Nashville, and in his career has worked alongside such diverse musicians as Brian May, Pat Martino, Billy Cobham, James Burton, Martin Taylor to name but a few.

He was founding partner of the Oxygen Music Partnership(OM2), who have provided music to hundreds of different film and TV projects over the years and now with SF Media Music, his unique compositional skills and world class musicianship are available to you and your project.

Throughout the last 12 months Steve has been invited as a Consultant to the exciting SCAN 3XS Music PC Project.

Remember in almost every case, it is the composers' craft and experience that will make the final programme exceptional.

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